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“I was given brilliant and loving advise about a pending mediation.  I’m very grateful to Nancy.”


“This was an awesome and exciting learning process.  Thank you for the tapping, I feel so much better – I’m doing great.”


“Dear Nancy,

Thank you for the EFT.  We were able to make a huge impact on the problem – I’ve made a big shift and feel good about giving myself some credit!”


“I worked with Nancy and EFT to overcome my phobia of public speaking.  I am both awed and inspired by her brilliance, her technique, and her passion.  Combining EFT, NLP, fun, humor, and raw talent is Nancy’s genius work. She is a gifted practitioner whose ready grasp of what was keeping me stuck was almost beyond belief.  She is a master.  Within minutes, my fear of speaking had diminished.  Now, instead of fearing public speaking, one of my passions is inspirational speaking.  Creating transformational journeys and retreats and talking to anyone who will listen about the transformative and healing power of all types of vibrational and sound healing–both virtual and in person–is my business.”


“Tapping while walking the dog, tapping while talking on the phone, tapping while strolling through the house….I think I’m getting used to this!!!!”


“Nancy has helped me clear numerous issues that have plagued me since I was a child. By tapping through root traumatic issues about my family, we have lifted barriers that have kept me from achieving success in the past. Tapping with Nancy has helped me negotiate through matters dealing with family, friends, career, and myself that would otherwise leave me frozen in fear.

I now have a different and much better relationship with my family and friends and especially with my mother. The communications I have with her are pleasant and elating, whereas before, frustrating arguments were the result with every conversation.

Nancy has also helped me turn my dream career goals into reality. I have accomplished what I haven’t been able to do in 15 years because of Nancy’s work, and I have negotiated the next 5 years of my career towards exponential achievement. Nancy not only helped with the little things that I dreamt of before, but she has helped me raise my sights towards higher goals after I have achieved my dreams.

Without  Nancy’s coaching, I would still be spinning my wheels and working for a paycheck. Nancy has truly helped in every aspect of my life, and I am indebted to her for helping me see myself in a different light!”


“Dear Nancy,

I wanted to thank you for the help through a recent negotiation in dissolving a business partnership.  You always hear to have everything in writing before you go into business with a friend…Well now I know the truth behind those words!

Some of the guidance I received from Nancy helped me resolve within my own mind what I wanted to accomplish from the negotiation, what I was willing to sacrifice if needed, and what I could do to hold a place of power even though I was feeling intimidated.  One of the most powerful tools she equipped me with was to be quiet when necessary and to take the time I needed to think in that moment.  There was no rush!

Even if everything could not be resolved in one meeting, knowing within myself that was ok helped me significantly!  I felt more peaceful and centered when I entered into the meeting.  Much to my surprise everything was handled in that first meeting as to division of assets, liabilities, and future use of Intellectual Property.  I felt so much better walking out of that meeting than I ever thought possible!  thank you, Nancy!”