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NLP Practitioner Licensing


Do you feel like shark bait when you negotiate?

Take control of your negotiation style by learning a powerful combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and negotiation tactics!

NLP is an enormously powerful tool for negotiation,  communication and persuasion.  It is used worldwide by successful CEOs, diplomats, mediators, lawyers, managers, sales people, and even therapists.  Knowing NLP will immediately increase your  effectiveness as a communicator and turbo charge all other negotiation or sales training you add to it.

This unique course combines the best of the best in NLP and negotiation training.  In addition, all participants have the option of being certified as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Regardless of where you are in your negotiation career, this intimate, hands-on workshop is a negotiator’s dream!  This course is a full NLP Practitioner training with all aspects of negotiation preparation, discovery, back-end strategy and tactics integrated into the mix.  The result is an entire toolbox of new, powerful strategies for building better rapport and getting a better  deal.

Here is a small sample of the many powerful tools participants will learn in this unprecedented training…

Building and Anchoring Resource States

Establish mental “peak performance” resource states

Learn to manage resource states within themselves and others

Anchor your resource states

Rapport – verbal & non-verbal

Create a presence of trust and credibility

Read and interpret verbal and non-verbal cues

Effectively use non-verbal rapport and active listening in tandem

Elegantly disagree with others while still maintaining rapport

Negotiation Preparation

Planning and Strategy – creating the Well-Formed Outcome & BATNA

Pre-negotiation discovery:  Identifying issues, prioritizing concessions, creating goals/outcomes, identifying balance of power, identifying leverage, Requisite Variety – creating options

Negotiation Strategy

When, Where & How: Styles of negotiation and when to use them

Positional V. Integrative negotiation

Setting the tone in all communication modes: In person, phone, email, text

Tactics: Questioning, Offer and acceptance, Concessions, Handling objections, Take it or leave it, Dodging, Chipping, Splitting the difference

Dealing with impasse

Future pacing the deal

Post negotiation negotiation: what to do after the deal is done

ACT NOW before another opportunity is lost, another deal fizzles, or a another relationship sours – because it is preventable. Act now and take fearless control of your business and your life.

Be a Negotiation Ninja!

Nancy T. Hand, JD, NLP Trainer