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Do you have trouble asking for – and getting – what you want?

Do you find yourself worrying about seeming pushy, greedy, or upsetting the other party by asking for what you want or need?  Do you question whether or not you deserve the object of your desire?

Are you afraid of negotiation because it feels like confrontation?  Do you expect to be intimidated or ridiculed by the other party?  Do you rush into and out of negotiation situations with bad deals, just happy to “get it over with”?

Do you reason yourself down to a lesser goal or outcome, thinking it will be easier to negotiate?  It never is.  It is the ultimate no-win because it means you never get what you want.

You know more about negotiation than you think you do – but negative beliefs and behaviors are preventing you from accessing your own resources!

Negotiation tactics won’t help much if you go into the negotiation incongruent.  Incongruence is inner conflict about your goal that makes other people nervous.  They respond to your inconsistency, even if they don’t know what is driving their response.  They get a “gut feeling” that makes them more cautious and less likely to flex in negotiation.

Signs of incongruence:

You want it but don’t believe you can have it.

You want it but think others will object to you asking for it.

You want it but feel unworthy of it.

You want it but are afraid of having to “fight” to get it.

You want it but you don’t expect to get it.

You want it but

Improve your negotiation success rate by replacing the negative beliefs and destructive behaviors that sabotage your negotiations with powerful congruence and resources.

The beginner series consists of three targeted behavioral change workshops guaranteed to vastly improve your negotiation and communication skills.  It is designed to clear out the old, detrimental patterns and behaviors and replace them with elegant strategies.

This training involves de-activating the anxiety, misconceptions, and procrastination that many people experience as they approach an important negotiation situation or decision. Participants learn to permanently clear “Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flounder” and other automatic stress responses and create permanent change fast!

Permanently Deactivate

“Buttons”, fears and the Fight, Flight, Freeze and Flounder responses to the negotiation process

Old, automatic responses to intimidation tactics

Procrastination tendencies

Physiological manifestations of nervousness including distracting behaviors and habits like sweating, shaking, and stuttering

Personal and societal stigmas associated with negotiation, including debilitating self-worth and “deserving” issues

Create internal motivation and resource states

Transfer existing internal resources and strategies into your negotiation skills set

Engrain new, powerful resource states that automatically activate when needed such as timing, calm, and use of silence

Develop the power to recognize and walk away from a bad deal

Create Powerful, Attainable Objectives

Well-Formed outcomes

Congruence with the desired outcome

Future pacing, ecology check and clearing internal resistance

Develop Core Competence in Negotiation Preparation Strategy

Framework & Research

Setting targets & Concessions

Peak Performance States

You can be a Negotiation Ninja!

Nancy T. Hand, JD, NLP Trainer, EFT-ADV