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Live Training

Want to get the most information and experience in the least amount of time?

Live training: the fastest way to learn Why take chances with your negotiation outcomes?  If it is important enough to be on the bargaining table, it is worth your time and effort to get a good deal. Training is the ultimate preparation. The level of training required varies according to the situation and the desired skills.

  • Are you a law student or young lawyer who wants the skills to go head-to-head with seasoned attorneys – fast?
  • Are you a small firm or solo looking for a “big firm” advantage?
  • Have you just hired promising young attorneys who need to improve their communication and negotiation skills?

Learn the tools that seasoned lawyers know while you are still young enough to enjoy the benefits!

Negotiation Ninja training and workshops span all skill levels and employ cutting edge learning and behavioral change techniques – such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meridian Tapping, Silva Method, and use of Active Language Patterns.  Participants not only learn new skills and tactics, they build core competencies on a clean slate, one cleared of old habits, fears, and misconceptions. Negotiation Ninja Training is available for private groups of up to 15 participants and business or corporate groups of up to 25 participants. Class I – Negotiation Ninja – Genius, Clarity & Super Learning Secrets This is a companion class for the upcoming book “Beyond Rainmaking”.  It contains powerful tools to help you ace law school and the bar exam.   Don’t take the bar exam twice – knock it out the first time!

  • Awaken your inner genius and turn your brain into a turbocharged supercomputer – so you get more done in less time, leaving more time for you
  • Tap into your creative reservoir on demand – so you can solve complex problems fast
  • Craft designer peak performance states – so you can be “on your game” for exams, projects, performance, interviews, and anything else.
  • Enjoy emotional state control – so you stay calm and can more easily influence others
  • Develop solid and effective plans for goal achievement that work – so that you never lose time going “off track” again, get more done in less time, and get what you want.
  • Learn essential rapport skills for building a strong network while you are still in law school

Class II – Negotiation Ninja – The Leader – Building Authority, Personal Power & Charisma Every year thousands of people line up to get the Flu shot so that they can avoid a week or more of downtime, feeling bad, and passing it on to their loved ones.  Admittedly, that’s good incentive to get the vaccine, the inoculation. But, vulnerability to the “other Flu” INFLUENCE can cause much more damage, last longer, and ruin finances, careers, deals, and relationships.  Not just that, vulnerability to influence can be passed on to your children and employees. So why do so many people venture into the world, into business, unprotected?  It could be because the inoculation isn’t a “shot in the arm”.  Vaccination against influence takes a little more effort and a little more time, but it lasts a lifetime.  Also, by being protected against influence, you set an example to those around you – it can be passed on to others. Think about this: Have you ever gone against your “gut feelings” and been talked out of doing something that would have been beneficial to you? Have you ever ignored your own counsel and gone along with everyone else when you knew it was a bad idea (and ended up being right)? Have you ever been intimidated out of asking for what you wanted – a raise, a better table at a restaurant, a date? Have you ever let other people’s opinions guide your decisions? If you answered yes to any of these, you need to be inoculated against influence.  It’s one thing to have trusted advisors, and the wisdom to see all sides before making a decision.  It’s quite another thing to be unnecessarily swayed by outside influence. Think about it. You could be missing out on better deals in every area of your life.  Even a seemingly minor aspect of the personality, like low self-esteem, can invite intimidation and bullying.  It automatically skews things in the other party’s favor – especially if it is obvious.  They will skewer you! In this class you will learn:

  • Attitude adjustment – changing negative or unproductive beliefs, habits, and mindsets so you can connect with other people with more authenticity and objectivity (and without judgment)
  • Basic rapport –  build trust and credibility fast, communicate better with clients, and network effectively
  • The anatomy of influence – recognition and inoculation from common influence practices

Class III – The Change Agent – Master of Influence, Advanced Rapport & Change Management Connection is beyond rapport; it’s great rapport.  It’s the ability to initiate and sustain communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime – fast.  It’s about getting in tune with another person in order to get the information you need to move together toward a solution or purpose. Great rapport goes a long way toward building strong relationships.  Strong relationships go a long way toward building strong agreements. People prefer to do business with people they “know, like, and trust”.  It’s human nature to be wary of the “different and unfamiliar”.  We generally prefer the known and like to deal with insiders. This is easily one of the most important aspects of negotiation and communication.  In this section of the training participants will learn how to generate fast familiarity and open lines of communication with a combination of rapport skills, language awareness and management, and strategic questioning. Change is difficult for most people because it involves at least the perception of risk.  It represents the unknown.  Learn to manage change and you learn to lead.

  • Building congruence and detecting incongruence
  • Pacing – calibration, creating familiarity, trust, and clear communication
  • Leading – guiding other people into agreement
  • Active Language Patterns
  • Change Management
  • Building peak performance states in other people

Class VI – The Strategist: Negotiation Planning, Reconnaissance, and Building Negotiation Teams Failure to prepare is the same as preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin This class is your step-by-step, foolproof guide to preparing mentally, emotionally, and strategically for any negotiation. From salary negotiation, mediation, contract negotiation and trial – learn how to build low risk and high yield negotiation strategies that lead to winning. Preparing for negotiation is preparing for success.

  • Negotiation preparation from A-Z including team preparation
  • Understanding Proposals & Contracts
  • Working effectively with experts and attorneys as preparation tools
  • Identifying the Best Alternative To A Negotiated Outcome (BATNA)
  • Finding the Zone Of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
  • Choosing and prioritizing concessions – on both sides
  • Power assessment – managing assumptions
  • Preparing inoculations to predictable objections

Class V – The Negotiation Ninja: Tactics, Closing, and Reopening Deals If negotiation were a knife, Congruence would be the handle, influence would be the blade, and negotiation tactics would be the edge of the blade.  Like a knife, if your tactics are not sharp enough the results can be messy and even costly – the difference between an elegant slice and a smash. Learn how to deal with difficult people and how to “inoculate” against ruthless tactics used by others.  Learn how to recognize, use, and counter negotiation tactics naturally, automatically, and congruently – freeing you to focus entirely on the desired result. Learn to:

  • Deal with difficult people
  • Recognize and handle intimidation
  • Accurately evaluate opening offers
  • Use behavioral science to adjust influential behaviors
  • Resolve Impasse/Deadlock – without losing face
  • Use of humor in negotiation
  • Advanced questioning techniques to reveal core issues
  • Tactics and countermeasures

No matter where you are in your negotiation training or experience, you can be better, more effective and enjoy the process more than ever before.

Become a Negotiation Ninja!

Nancy T. Hand, JD, NLP Trainer, EFT-ADV