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Ready to take your negotiation game to the next level?

You know how to clear your fears and how to prepare, you know how to get rapport, you know how to use the tactics…Now, are you ready to learn the magic?

Have you always wondered about how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your negotiations?  Stop wondering and start learning!

Negotiation Ninja Advanced Training is for negotiators who need to work at a higher level.  In these rotating training modules, participants learn a variety of techniques from a variety of disciplines that are tailored to improve negotiation performance.

Modules include:

Communication Systems – Mastering and Controlling The Feedback Loop

Reading minimal cues

Assessing values

Advanced anchoring

The Ultimate Pace – Creating Rapport So Deep, You Feel Like An Old Friend

Somatic Resonance


Rogerian theory

Trance induction techniques

The Ultimate Lead – Building Resources States in Other People

Advanced questioning techniques

Eliciting Motivation Strategies

Building a Future Vision

Invisible Rapport – Using Energy & Intention in Negotiation

Writing the best possible outcome – a second look

Aligning with intention

Clearing the personality – advanced congruence

Dealing With Difficult People – Advanced Study in Personalities

*This class features personality types in rotation.   Please check for current information.  Examples include:

The Victim/Martyr

Apathetic People

The Kamikaze

The Seether

Step up your game and be the ultimate Negotiation Ninja.  At this point, it’s not about what is on the line – it’s about OWNING the line!

Act now!  Be a Negotiation Ninja.

Nancy T. Hand, JD, NLP Trainer, EFT-ADV