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11th Hour

Have you “Put off” a negotiation, conversation, or decision for too long?

Need help NOW?

Negotiation Ninja 11th Hour Coaching to the rescue!

Sometimes things get tough and you need help planning or getting your head straight before a negotiation or conversation.  Many things can get in the way of good decision making – like stress, distraction, overwhelm, and lack of sleep.  When it’s important, you need someone to ride shotgun and coach you into the best decision possible, without making the decision for you.

If your situation is urgent AND important, call on me. When you feel like you are up the creek without a paddle and it’s something you must handle yourself, relax.  Call on me.

I’ll walk you through those seemingly impossible conversations, negotiations, and decisions in life – when there’s something major on the line.  From preparing for promotion or salary negotiations to “coming out” to saving a family relationship, no situation is hopeless.  Anything can be salvaged.  Any situation can be improved.

If you are a business:

At impasse in important negotiations

Experiencing internal disagreements that are spinning out of control

With a  board  of directors deadlocked on a decision – and time is running out…

Trying to convince a key employee to stay…

Looking for a way  to do damage control with a co-owner, board member, vendor or customer – before you lose the relationship forever…

If you are an individual:

Facing a major fork in the road; a conversation, mediation, negotiation, interview, proposal, apology,  or life changing decision for which feel unprepared

Worried, filled with dread, and feeling helpless about an upcoming conversation that might be confrontatational

Overwhelmed, scared, procrastinating, and don’t know what to do next

On the wire, having waited until the last possible minute to make a decision

Just too busy to prepare…

Relax, and call on me.

The first step is a free 10-15 minute assessment phone call to see if we are compatible and assess the situation.  My work is highly effective, and the changes and decisions made during consulting are  long lasting and beneficial.  All client interactions are strictly confidential and client information is always protected.

You will be able to sleep again – to relax and focus on the coming interaction knowing that you have someone who can help you create a plan and “pull a rabbit out of the hat”.

Only you know what is On The Line and what it is worth to you.  Go ahead, take the first step.  Call me and start to take control of your future.

Nancy T. Hand, JD, NLP Trainer, EFT-ADV