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37 Proven Ways To Unlock Your Negotiation Success!

37 Proven Ways To Unlock Your Negotiation Success

Are You Making These Costly Mistakes that Can Kill A Deal?  What They Are & How To Fix Them.

It’s happens to everyone…we get busy and forget to eat, schedule meetings at challenging times, and have bad days.  Then we try to negotiate through it.  We “wing it” with bosses, spouses, clients, suppliers, co-corkers, contractors, mechanics, teachers…by going in unprepared.

Why let a bad days or bad moods ruin great deals?

It’s all about your mindset.

Great athletes do it all the time – and so can you!

In this easy to read ebook, Nancy T. Hand will teach you how to build peak performance or “resource” states.  You will learn powerful tools and techniques that you can use in the field, on the spot, when you need them.

You will learn:

  • How to negotiate from a resourceful, “big picture” state – no matter what life has dished out.
  • How to regain big picture mindset when you feel it start to slip
  • 3 things that you can do, in the moment, to think more clearly, make better decisions and craft better deals.
  • How to stay unfazed and unruffled regardless of what is going on in life.
  • How to maintain a powerful resource state of emotional balance in negotiation – despite bad days, jet lag, hunger, stress, worry…
  • How to build a well-formed outcome (your own win-win) on the fly
  • Tricks to wake up a sleepy mind
  • How to stop the downward mood spiral of “low blood sugar” and hunger

Mindset is everything in negotiation.  Your attitude comes through everything you say, write, or act out.  You can’t hide it! Your feelings affect the way you move, your tonality, and actually create a biological aura around your body that animals can sense – and we think people don’t?

You can fake a smile and be in a good mood.  You can even pretend to be fully engaged in the process, deal, meeting, or conversation, but people know.  They feel it in their gut…(you end up coming off insincere).  Get this little book now and start making better deals today!! Click here to go to the Negotiation Ninja Bookstore!

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