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Me & EFT

My experiences with EFT…

I learned EFT as Energy Tapping first.  I got the book, Energy Tapping, in 2000 and didn’t really get into it.

Then, in 2003, I went to a Gary Craig EFT workshop in Flagstaff, AZ.   It was a real turning point.  I had a very intense experience with EFT and felt the power of it firsthand.  After that, my life began to change rapidly – for the better!

I tapped and tapped and tapped.  It was like taking a shop-vac to my mind and vacuuming out all of the negative emotions, stored stress, trauma, guilt, etc…It was like clearing the fog from the window to my inner (and outer) world.  I began to see things differently and realize that things don’t happen “to me”; I experience things…

Some of my issues cleared more easily than others, probably because I had no real secondary gain or no emotional attachment to them.   Some issues took more time but eventually cleared.  The bigger the ship, the longer it takes to turn it around.  Now, when it seems like things are not happening fast enough, I trust that the process is working and relax.

When I started conscientiously intermingling NLP and other behavioral change techniques, the whole process evolved.  I was able to access root issues faster and easier than before.  Interesting things began happening…here are some of the things I noticed…

Pay attention to your thoughts while tapping.

While you are tapping, your mind might wander.  This happened to me quite a bit in the beginning and still does on occasion.  Now, instead of trying to “get back to the subject”, I make a note to return to whatever invaded my thoughts and get a better look at it – it is usually a clue about where to go next in my tapping.  In other words, the thoughts, sounds and visions that come at this time are often clues!

Yawning, Laughing, Crying…

These may be indicators of processing.  People I have worked with have displayed a range of responses – from laughing to crying – while using tapping. I really know things are shifting when I start yawning.  Whatever your response is, know that it is ok – it means you are making headway on the issue.


Tapping makes you need more sleep – really!  When you are making big mental adjustments, sleep is your brain’s way of sorting and restructuring.  When I accepted the need for more sleep was a byproduct of the process (for me) and got enough of it, issues cleared faster and more completely.


You might begin to have more vivid dreams.  The extra sleep may have had something to do with it.  When I began tapping, it had been over a year since I remembered any of my dreams. It was wild to suddenly start experiencing brilliantly vivid dreams and remember them!

Drink extra extra H2O and eat!

Drink a lot of water when you are tapping. You are essentially re-wiring your brain and it needs the extra h2o.  Try to eat a little more (healthy stuff, of course) because when your brain is processing it needs extra glucose.

When I first started tapping, my eating habits were about what they were during the Bar Exam Prep – constant snacking.  Let yourself eat a little more while you are processing, it’s ok!

Try it on everything!!!

I have been having a great time with this and I hope you will too!


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