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NEW! September 28th CLE in Alabama!

New!  CLE in Alabama! September 28, 2010!

7.3 CLE credits in Alabama – including ethics!  Eligible for both ethics and Professionalism in Louisiana.

This is the first of the “Seal The Deal” series of CLE courses in Alabama – the second one is scheduled for October 26, 2010.

Here is more information…

Are your negotiation skills behind the curve?

There are over 1,100,000 lawyers out there competing for clients, deals, verdicts, settlements, etc…Only a very small percent of them are actually good negotiators and the ones who are earn a disproportionate percentage of the money pie.  They are enjoying the toys – the perks of success.  Negotiation skills can put you in the dream…

These skills are even more important that ever!

Mass communication and the small world phenomenon means less face-to-face communication and more likelihood of confusion and mottled messages – you have to be able to negotiate and communicate despite all of the new technology.  Attention spans are shorter so you have less time to work with – unless you know how to hold their attention!

We have the key!

Thanks to groundbreaking advances in the study of communication and behavioral psychology, we now have priceless insight into how people negotiate and make decisions.  Understanding these new advances will allow you to tailor your negotiation and communication approach to get the results you want – fast.

In fact, the medical community is already beginning to use this information to train medical staff because it saves lives by reducing error, increasing doctor/patient understanding, expediting healing and by reducing the time necessary to get vital information. It also drastically lowers malpractice rates and increases patient satisfaction.

Learn to use this powerful information in your law or mediation practice!

In this class you will enjoy a thorough review of tried and true negotiation techniques and learn leading-edge negotiation techniques that will catapult you to the “right side” of the negotiation curve and give you an immediate economic advantage.

Join us for Seal The Deal and learn to negotiate with purpose.  You will negotiate faster, make better deals, create lasting relationships, and develop a reputation as someone people look forward to doing business with.

This is a workshop class that includes multiple, supervised, hands-on exercises.  All participants will leave this class having performed each method.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!


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