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Science and EFT


I love when hard science begins to catch up with “alternative” or social sciences.  This article came out today about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and I just have to spread the word…

For the last 8 years I have been using EFT for just about anything I can think of.  It is such a powerful tool!

I’ve used it personally for everything from big emotional stuff like grief when my father died, breakups, and stress/overwhelm.  I’ve used it to deal with little things like remembering names and staying calm during flight turbulence.  I’ve used it on physical things like allergies and re-learning my balance on a horse…

I use it regularly in my practice to help clients de-activate emotional hot buttons before mediation and negotiation, public speaking nerves/phobias, clearing negotiation fears (failure, confrontation, etc…) and getting congruent with asking for what they really want…

Inevitably, when clients discover the power of EFT, they want to know more and work on other things…like stopping smoking, needle phobias, and other personal issues.  Why not?  It works well on so many things!

This new article talks about using EFT to stop food cravings – read it here:


It also brings up a point that I have noticed time and again – people DO forget what the problem was after they have tapped on it!

Here’s another, older art that talks about how well acupuncture works without needles…




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