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How To Win The Holiday Game: Power Tools To Get The Outcome You Want

I am so excited about this weekend! My friend Linda and I have been talking about doing a tele-seminar for a while now and it’s finally happened!

Here is the class description – hope you can join us!



How To Win The Holiday Game:

Power Tools To Get The Outcome You Want.

It’s your holiday – own it!

Are you overwhelmed by the holidays?  Already expecting a rough ride?  Learn how to steer your own cheer and coast through your holidays in a good mood.

This class is about how to stay calm, in a good mood, centered, and objective – no matter who is egging you on, blaming you, resenting your good fortune, trying to drag you down or baiting you into negative conversation. This call is about staying emotionally balanced and happy on the inside, no matter what is going on around you.  After all, it’s your holiday too!  Learn how to:

  • Get the most out of your holidays
  • Manage conflicting holiday expectations
  • Establish power over your own internal state of mind
  • Carry within you a calm center of power – your TATER
  • Think clearly under stress
  • Maintain your grace and graciousness during the stressful holidays
  • Less stress = healthier holiday!
  • Stay in a good mood despite:
    • Negativity
    • Button pushing troublemakers
    • No routine
    • Overwhelm
    • Stress – your and other people’s
    • Too many cooks in the kitchen…
    • Feeling responsible for making everybody happy
    • And much much more!

In this class, Nancy T. Hand will teach you how to build and maintain your TATER – your center of mental balance, stability, and good mood – through the holidays and beyond.

Steer your own cheer.

Learn how to stay unfazed and unruffled regardless of what is going on or who is trying to “push your buttons”.  In this call you will learn powerful tools and techniques that you can use in the field, on the spot, when you need them.  It’s a set of holiday “power tools” that you will be able to use forever.  You will learn:

  • How to use Energy Meridian Tapping with a “twist” of NLP
  • How to build a well-formed outcome  (your own win-win)
  • How to manage conflicting holiday expectations
  • How to maintain your TATER – a powerful resource state of emotional balance – despite negativity, raw emotions, and economic panic
  • How to let loose and have fun!

Even if you are doing fine and are looking forward to the holidays, you will likely encounter people who are not. You may hear stories of woe, worry, disappointment and hardship – maybe even in your own family.  Maybe even you!   How will you handle those conversations?

You might encounter Scrooges, Grinches, aggressors, martyrs, victims, whiners, disapprovers, braggarts and energy drainers.  How will you handle them?

The holidays can be an emotionally tough time – being out of your element, around strangers and family you never see.  You might be around people who only remember who you were “way back when”, who bring up old news and trigger old emotions in you.  You might end up having the same conversation over and over again with each person you “catch up” with…and that’s on a good year!

Learn to manage your mood for the greater good this holiday season – things will go smoother for everyone – especially you!

Joins us for this wonderful opportunity to make YOUR holidays rock!

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