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My New Book and More!


Dear Friends,

This has indeed been an exciting year! Beyond Rainmaking is now available in paperback on Amazon and many other booksellers. You can buy the book here. The Kindle version will be available in about a month. You can look at the site and sign up for updates here. Also, I have a new author page as well – that’s where you can get the big picture and keep up with my projects as they develop. 9780983727675-Perfect.indd

About The Book…

New to Beyond Rainmaking? It is the result of a lot of research and one blog post. My target market came to me in response to an article that I wrote about one of the accelerated learning techniques that I use to keep up with massive amounts of information. As soon as the article was posted, I received a barrage of emails from law students and bar examinees. After weeks of answering each and every email, I decided to answer them with a book – Beyond Rainmaking. As you know by now, I am constantly learning new things and finding innovative combinations and applications for new techniques. While I have applied this information to to negotiation, it is as powerful for learning as it is for negotiation preparation. There is currently no other place to learn this unique and powerful combination of skills all in one place.

Who needs this book?

Law Students Only a 67% pass rate for the bar exam Everybody wants to pass the bar exam on the first try, but roughly 30,000 people fail the bar exam every year, at great expense. My information can keep people out of this statistic. This is my market – people who have been there and want to pass the second time and people who want to pass the first time. Most people who fail the exam will retake it, at great expense. If they have secured employment prior to taking the exam, they risk losing it if they fail. If they have not secured employment, failing the bar exam tacks on at least three months before they can resume their job search. 55,000 lawyers competing for 22,000 jobs means added incentive to do whatever it takes to find and keep a job. Law school graduating class employment rates are at an 18-year low and competition is very tight. Less than 66% of the 2011 law graduates found full-time work in the legal field. Law students make a serious monetary commitment when they to go to law school. If they fail or drop out, they are stuck with the loans anyway – with no degree. Even if they only go for one semester, they will owe $8,000 – $28,000. Believe me, they want it to work out. Their parents want it to work out. The school administration and alumni association wants it to work out! If they make it through law school, the average law student will owe about $50,000.00 – $175,000.00. It is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Further, those loans come due almost immediately. Add to that the cost of re-taking the bar exam, including review courses, fees, travel, and time not working, and it really adds up. As employment rates continue to decline, people entering or considering entering the legal field are looking for any advantage they can find to rise to the top of the ranks so that they can get a good job. Beyond Rainmaking is the advantage that law students and bar examinees are actively seeking!  Law Firms Law firms are beginning to demand fluency in information management skills because lack of expertise in this can leave the law firms exposed to greater risk of malpractice and ethics actions by unsatisfied clients. Information management is an area of law practice professionalism that has begun to receive more attention from the legal community because lack of skill in these areas greatly increase an attorney’s chances of being sued for malpractice. The demand for training in these areas has already begun to increase. Malpractice insurers are now focusing more attention on these skills. Bar associations worldwide are seeking ways to encourage training in these areas at both the law school level and in the early years of law practice. Through Beyond Rainmaking provides law students and young lawyers with powerful, essential practice skills that will enable them to learn more, faster, and recall information more accurately. With the job market like it is, law students and young lawyers need these skills to survive – to get the job they want and to keep the job that they have. If you or someone you know is planning on taking the bar exam in the near future, get them a copy of this book!! To Your Success, Nancy