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New Book On The Way

Dear Readers,

I am just putting the final touches on the book. I can’t wait to unveil it!

If you don’t already know, I have been working on a book about accelerated learning techniques that enable you to take in more information, faster and better than you ever have before. Anyone who negotiates knows that having the right information – and understanding it – is power at the bargaining table.

And who doesn’t struggle with information? Most people take in vastly more information than they can process with their current learning tools. It can be hard to do your best work when you are overwhelmed with too much information. If you have to get up to speed on a new project or are dealing with several issues simultaneously, even keeping up can seem impossible. It can lead to stress and even burnout!

And you must be creative in order to be competitive in your career. It’s the ultimate catch 22 – being too busy to be creative will prevent you from getting the choice clients, good deals and from getting ahead.

This book is easy-to-read and full of powerful, stand-alone techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and other, powerful genius learning modalities. More than that, I have included the most up-to-date scientific research supporting these techniques.

These techniques enable you to literally turbo charge your brain, increase your ability to focus, learn more and unlock complete access to your information when you need it. You will learn how to manage and control your own learning abilities. You will learn to access your creativity and use it as a time saving tool.

It’s written in easy to understand language so that you can put the techniques to work right away. This book is for everybody.

However, the first release has been tailored to lawyers because with this information, I would go to law school (debt and all) all over again – right now, in this economy.

If I were entering law school now without this information I would be scared. The outlook is bleak. Entering law students must have other motives besides money – they must have a passion to make a difference. With these techniques, law students can get the advantage they need to excel in their area of interest and make that difference.

I want to support the upcoming lawyers and hope that, in the process, some of them go on to be leaders who can think with their whole brain, make better decisions, create innovative solutions and encourage accelerated learning in schools.

It’s almost done!

More coming soon!

To your success!