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So You Got Accepted To Law School…

So you received your law school acceptance letter! Congratulations!

Now what?

It came in the mail and you are probably overjoyed, but it’s a little scary too, isn’t it?

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the student loan debt you are about to accrue. Current statistics show that it will likely be really high.

But you already know about that.

Statistics show that if you aren’t in the top of your class at a Top 10 law school, you will likely have trouble getting a job – especially one that will help you pay back those oppressive student loans.

But you already know that.

People who read the negative press might be causing you to question the desirability of a law degree, saying it’s just like any other degree now…it is not. It is a very impressive accomplishment.

But you already know that.

More than likely, you have other reasons to
want to go to law school.

Social impact

Some law students want to make a positive difference in an area close to their heart. Because they understand the law, attorneys have a natural “in” to politics and positions of power. They have an easier time navigating the system and making beneficial changes in areas that matter to them – like elder law, disability law, intellectual property law, environmental law and about anything else you can imagine.

By the numbers, over half of the presidents of the Unites States of America have been lawyers. Roughly 43% of the U.S. Congress and about 37% of the U.S. House of Representatives are made up of lawyers. And the Supreme Court, well…that’s a given.

Lawyers have a definite advantage in the “making a difference” department. Of course, it’s all up to the person.


Some people are after the prestige of a law degree. A Juris Doctor is indeed an impressive degree. Regardless of whether a person commands the degree of authority available is up to them.

Downplay it at your leisure, but remember – there are no “easy” law schools. There are no “easy” bar exams. If you make it through law school and pass the bar exam, it is a major accomplishment.

Completing law school shows you have the ability to tough it out and tackle a very difficult curriculum. It shows that you are ambitious. It shows that you care, at least to some degree, about the structure of our society and the laws that reinforce and frame our way of life – and make freedom possible.

To “Get It”

Some people want a law degree so that they can better manage their lives. Consider how beneficial it is for someone growing a business or a brand to understand their own contracts, the laws concerning their business, and know how to use their lawyers effectively.

Think about how much more power it gives them as a negotiator.

Family Business

This is a fantastic reason to get a law degree. There is nothing like carrying on the established family business. The business is established and a decent living is virtually assured. Of course, that comes with another set of required navigational tools.

Family can be counted upon to present us with our most challenging negotiations. Your new law degree and entry into the family practice will stir up the status quo. It might cause some uneasiness with other, unrelated attorneys in the practice.

Knowing how to negotiate will help you navigate the pecking order, establish trust, and negotiate effectively for what you want – even if you are negotiating with a parent or sibling. Knowing how to think creatively can help you improve the practice and lead your family business into a more prosperous state.

The Money

It’s true. Some people go into law for the money. Truthfully, that reason is practically out of (immediate) reach to most new law graduates. But it’s not a bad reason…

Still, there has to be something more, or you might end up hating your job while you struggle to pay off student loans. That has been happening a lot – but you already know that.

The bottom line is affected by the bottom line. To be truly happy you have to have the money to support yourself and have a passion for your work. That’s the recipe for true success.

You Can Love Your Job And Make A Good Living!

Negotiation Ninja can show you the tools and teach you the skills to do both. Here you will find those essential elements it takes to get into your game, find your niche, fulfill your dream, make a difference and do it with some degree of financial security.

These are the tools that you need to help you navigate what are usually the toughest parts of becoming and being a lawyer AND ending up where you want to be – not in a job you dread going to every day but in a job you LOVE.

Get the tools and skills you need to kick ass in law school and have a life. These same tools will help you to spank the bar exam, land a job you love and manage your career (and life) so that you make headway toward your goals, fast.

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